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SGR GROUND ENGINEERING PROJECTS is a talented and experienced entrepreneurs driven by core values of integrity, commitment and loyalty to our clients.

SGR GROUND ENGINEERING PROJECTS’s scale and experience enables them to be a reliable partner for drilling and installation of bored piles, Grout Mix Piles, Micro piles, Ground anchors, rock anchors, and Soil nails, Slope stabilization Continuous Research & Development to improve existing and development of new solutions, is driven by SGR GROUND ENGINEERING PROJECTS’s practical experience gained whilst solving clients problems. This capability reduces client risk and management workload, as there is a single interface with one service provider, rather than several.

We deliver promises with strong adherence to ethical business practices. The use of high quality construction materials, timely completion of projects, clear titles, and transparent documentation make '' SGR GROUND ENGINEERING PROJECTS the first choice of our clients.

Our motto has been 'Commitment to deliver the highest quality standards and continuously strive for client satisfaction'.

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